About us

Time goes by and the conventional way of teaching in the classroom comes under stress. Learning and teaching methods are changing at a speed that often exceeds the pace of previous conventional ways. In regular schools, teaching seems to remain immobile and indifferent; there is little questioning and even less change.

Faced with this reality, Fábrica de Ciudad #RompiendoAulas is born, a project that wants to expand and extend the territories of knowgledge in architecture. Always seeking to take greater risks in trying and experimenting with new paths, spaces and contents; Fábrica de Ciudad intends to expand the reduced formats of experimentation and invitations to new actors to teach courses and projects that innovate and inspire.

After experiencing a period of pandemic that is still active today, Fábrica de Ciudad found in the forced distance an opportunity to generate new learning spaces to enrich criticism and teaching; a platform that is strengthened by the knowledge of those actors who think and create the city.